Lurrrve Bax & MALT

MALT - Tyrilha Babydoll (Cerise) by you.

Bax Coen has just released these fantastic Patent Pink leather ankle boots.. and omg they are totally customizable! The colors can be mixed-and-matched and they're so much fun to customize. The main colors for the leather of these Pink Ankle Boots are Baby Pink, Hot Pink and Purple. I customized mine to be baby Pink with black lace trimmings, black sole and black laces!

BAX Coen boots! Patent Pink by you.

Looking for a complimentary outfit? MALT Fashions has just the perfect dress, the Belle Dress in WineBerry is totally cute and has a matching headband! <3

MALT - Belle Dress (WineBerry) by you.

MALT - Belle Dress (WineBerry) by you.

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