AOHARU Wavy Trench Coat

AOHARU has just released the 'Wavy Trench Coat' and it is adorable!!! I like the sculpted details on this coat and the pastel AOHARU-ish colors!! Matches everything. <3

AOHARU by you.
AOHARU – Wavy Trench Coat (Gold)

AOHARU by you.

AOHARU – Wavy Trench Coat (Pink) Backside

AOHARU by you.

Even though I'm wearing pants here, I think this coat would be great to run around in your underwear only and a pair of cute rain boots!

What I'm Wearing:

Fuel – Tartan Beanie hair
Gala – Lumine-Lavender Skin
AOHARU – Wavy Trench Coat
Armidi – Grace Jeans
Armidi/Intimizzio – Amore di Valentino Brazier
AOHARU Walk – KnightShortBoots_Brown

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