AOHARU Wedding Dress!

AOHARU - RoseLace_WeddingDress by you.

AOHARU has just released the Rose Lace Wedding Dress in fantastic Spring colors! There's White, for those who are traditional and Blue, Pink and Yellow too! These are the first sculpted train and fully sculpted veil that I've ever seen, and they look amazing in-world.

AOHARU - RoseLace_WeddingDress by you.

The lace detail is amazing and sculpted roses are cleverly placed all over the dress.

I really like taking photos in wedding gowns, and I think a lot of girls do too! Even if you don't plan on getting married, buy a dozen, buy them all!! A wedding dress is really just a dress, right? 🙂

AOHARU - RoseLace_WeddingDress by you.

Take a taxi to AOHARU for the Rose Lace Wedding Dress & more!

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  1. i love the yellow dress !! i am looking for one that is exactly like that one !! how could i get that one??

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