The Duchess Gowns by Wunderlichs

Wunderlichs has for gorgeous gowns inspired by the movie 'The Duchess' based on the real life story of the Duchess of Devonshire, Georgiana. I've been reading The Duchess and I've finally finished last night!! I can't wait to see the movie version!

Here's the SL interpretation of the gowns worn in the movie and I think they are just as fabulous!! Great attention to detail and texturing on these gowns.

1. Wunderlichs Drunken – orange Rococo silk gown
2. Wunderlichs Duchess Rococo Wedding gown – Peach

3. Wunderlichs Duchess Innocence dress – pink
4. Wunderlichs Victory – blue-gold Rococo Zone-front gown

Tp to Wunderlichs!!

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