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Cupcakes Lovespell Skin

Cupcakes has just released the 'Lovespell' skin a range of yummilicous and soft makeups and skin tones. The face on the 'Lovespell' is by far my favorite from this brand and in my opinion, the most beautiful.

Cupcakes - Lovespell (Honey) Skin by you.

I am wearing the Cupcakes 'Lovespell' in Honey skin tone above. There's nude makeup for a more natural look or smokey eyeshadow and red lipstick for a night out! This line offers a good mixture of both looks:

Cupcakes - Lovespell (Honey) Skin by you.

Cupcakes - Lovespell (Honey) Skin by you.

Cupcakes - Lovespell (Honey) Skin by you.

[ Exile – Veronica (Harlow) hair | Nymphetamine – Paeoti_Precious in Pink set ]

Don't take my word for it, tp to Cupcakes at Le Zoo

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  1. Davo

    hmmm No 3 is wow enough for me to comment…Wow !

  2. Sybella

    Umm I loves yoous. I love your skin obsession and the sheer joy you get from shopping and sharing it with the world. However Ms. Gogo, why do your wonderful shapes not have demos at your store? Or am I just daft and can’t find them?

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