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How to use a Resize Script

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use a resize script to easily modify hair, this is especially useful if you're not that great with modding prims via the edit menu. I like using this script for hair fatpacks, since I want them to be resized 'the same way' each time.

Typically for me, most hairs are too small so the scalp shows through the prim. This script can be used to shrink or resize by increments of 1%, 5%, or 10%. The script I am using for this tutorial is the SRU Resize scripts 2.4 by Wietse Cassini. Look up the creator's profile for picks to his shop.

How to use a Resize Script by you.

Step 1. Rez your hair on the ground (be sure to make a backup copy first!).

Step 2. Locate your scipt in your inventory.

Step 3. Right click on your hair on the ground, and select EDIT from the pie menu.

How to use a Resize Script by you.

Step 4. Drag all 3 resize scripts (resize controller, resize distributor, and resize resizer) into the Content tab of your hair.

Step 5. Touch your hair to populate the script throughout the prims. The hair I'm using is Maitreya's 'Faye' style, so this is what the script whispered…

Maitreya Faye – Natural Blond: Beginning child script injection
Maitreya Faye – Natural Blond: Done

Step 6. Once that's done, delete the resize distributor script from the hair.

How to use a Resize Script by you.

Step 7. Take the hair back to your inventory.

Step 8. Wear it and select the hair again by right clicking on it and go to EDIT, once the Edit menu for the hair pops up…

Step 9. Go to TOOLS on the client menu, and select 'Set Scripts to Running in Selection'. This step is crucial, if you don't do this the script will not work!

How to use a Resize Script by you.

Once you have selected 'Set Scripts to Running in Selection' a menu should pop up that looks like this:

How to use a Resize Script by you.

Wait for that to say 'done', then click on your hair to start resizing via the menu! šŸ™‚

How to use a Resize Script by you.

If everything was done correctly, you will be able to resize the hair via the menu and also the traditional edit menu at the same time.

This may seem like a lot of steps at first, but it'll be second nature once you do it a lot. I like to use this method when resizing fatpacks of hair for uniformity.

This tutorial applies to anything you want to resize, not just hair! I hope it helps! šŸ™‚

G-Field hunt items by you.

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  1. Summer Wardhani

    Too bad this can’t be aplied to just any hair. Since I shrinked my shape (and head, of course) I had to let go some of ETD’s hair jsut because they can’t be changed – YACK!

  2. Gogo

    Hi Summer! Are you sure about ETD hair? I know that maybe a small handful of styles says no mod, thats due to scripting of some hats and such… but its all mod/no trans for me. I’ve never had any problems modding ETD hair.

  3. Ana Lutetia

    *nods* All ETD hair is mod but the end permissions can appear as no mod due to scripts.
    Also, there is a free version of this script: 1.1 šŸ˜‰

  4. Leigh

    Is there any way to make hair shorter but not smaller?
    It’s killing me that there are some gorgeous styles such as Faye that I cant use because of their length/the fact they disappear through my back.

  5. Summer Wardhani

    Yeaps, totally sure – some ETD hairs allow resizing, that is true, some others do not. I have a bunch of them, later on I can even tell you exactly which styles don’t resize. And has nothing to do with hats or other accessories – for instance I know it happens on the Dainty style, which is one of my favourites and has no accessories at all :(.

  6. Melanie

    Summer, if you ended up with hair from ETD that you can’t modify then you should send a notecard to the store owner/manager/CSR. For a while I was coming across customers who bought items that should have had mod perms but were delivered with no mod perms, and I was seeing this on a daily basis. This was resolved by resending the items to the customers manually.

  7. Akelei Schnyder

    eemm Hiii, this is awesome, but … i dont see any change on my hair.
    I choosed one that i can modify, i did all the steps and when i click to any percentage, just doesnt grow or get smaller šŸ™
    Have i done something wrong?
    Thanks and thanks šŸ˜›

  8. Ana Lutetia

    Best. Post. Ever!
    /me keeps coming back

  9. Rezzing

    ty ty so very much! ..I was too lazy to read the boring notecard.. to be honest,, XD much better this way! šŸ˜€ ty again *HUgZ*

  10. Template

    Thank you. So beautiful!

  11. Xtina

    Great tutorial, I am now saved from “too small” hair. Finally, thanks to you!

  12. AlisonE

    You know all this time I made my head smaller so the hair would fit! Thanks!

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