Coming very soon! *EDIT* Gala's New Skins are in store now!

Gala 'Breeze' Petal (Dark) by you.
[ Click the image to see it in full size :: this shows off all the lovely skin tones ]

Gala Phoenix will be launching three lovely new faces, they are Breeze, Lovely, and Vixen. Each face has four skin tones: Acorn, Moonbeam, Petal, and Sundust and each skin tone has a Light and Dark version. There are six new makeups, but really it's twelve because each 'makeup' now includes two lipstick versions. I feel like Gala has totally spoiled her customers this time with so many choices!

When you purchase a makeup, you're not just getting one skin, but four different ones. For example, if you buy:

::GP:: Breeze-Acorn tone, you will be getting these:

:GP: Acorn [Light] Breeze-Pure 1
:GP: Acorn [Dark Breeze-Pure 1
:GP: Acorn [Light] Breeze-Pure 2
:GP: Acorn [Dark Breeze-Pure 2

But, that's not all, when you include the freckles versions too, that's eight skins for the price of one. Yep, freckles are included!

Shown here is Gala 'Breeze' in Petal (Dark) skin tone in all makeups! You will notice that for each skin, there are two different lipsticks version, what an amazing deal! See my Gala Phoenix Flickr Set for all the makeups in full size.

Gala 'Breeze' Petal (Dark) by you.

Last but not least, there are more details to the body and a sexy new 'afterglow' look πŸ™‚ I love the beach-y look, and this new body shading adds a sexy effect that lots of people loooove. Sexy or sweet, I find Gala skins very versatile for any look in SL and I wear it a lot. I'm very very very excited about these and I know Gala skin fans will be too!

Gala 'Breeze' Petal (Dark) by you.

Ok… one more! A close-up! It's too pretty not to share:

Gala 'Breeze' Petal (Dark) by you.

Find all skins by Gala Phoenix at the Curio sim!

Don't forget to join the Gala & Rita Design Announcements group in-world and be the first to know when these are released. I hear that the sim will be closed to group-only before a public launch. Beat the lag, join the group!

What I'm Wearing:

Gala Phoenix skin 'Breeze'

– Alicia Ballet Outfit (White w/pink)
Maitreya – Piper II hair
Maitreya – Verve Pumps

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