Gala's New Skins are in store now!

:GP: Petal [DARK] Vixen by you.
:GP: Petal [DARK] Vixen

This is one of the newer faces, the Vixen also includes all the features I've posted about previously, there are different makeups for this set. Also, the 'Vixen' have darker brows, and totally new lips and a different nose than the previously shown 'Breeze'. This combination makes for a slightly more mature looking face, great for those wanting to use them in modeling or just likes a slightly older look than previous Gala skins.

I will show you some quick shots of the body and urge you to run to the Curio sim now!

Click here for the full nudie, if you want to 😀

For everyone that haven't joined the Gala & Rita Design Announcements yet, don't forget to do so! There's a fabulous gift *whispers* skins pack and all demos for all the new releases!

Find all skins by Gala Phoenix at the Curio sim!

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