Katat0nik and candy stuff!

Katat0nik made this great Making Memories dress, a freebie at Starlust Motel lobby. I love this all the colors and cute unicorn print on the skirt. This dress is too good to be a freebie!!! But it is.. we're so spoiled rotten by Katat0nik's amazing gifts. Anyways, I'm getting my Easter outfit ready really early because my friend Gal sent me an Easter basket today and said, 'Happy Easter!'. I think it's actually 2 weeks away but whatever.. I love this outfit 🙂

To complete the dress, I'm wearing all candy accessories! The Candy BackPack is from Photon Pink's and Candy Bauble necklace and earrings form Ztique! Candy overload. <3

What I'm Wearing:

Exile – Love Story (Harlow) hair
katat0nik – Making Memories Dress
Ztique – Candy Bauble Necklace+Earrings
Photon Pink's – Candy BackPack
Juicy – Classic Pumps (Grape)

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  1. Hi Juicy 🙂
    How I can be your sponsor??
    Thanks and congrats 🙂
    Lucyanni Writer

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