Hi guys! I know you're huge fans of Juicy Bomb because you can get your daily dose of all the latest, Juiciest fashion news in Second life right here. I've been selling ad space on my website and iheartsl.com for awhile now, and it's proven to be a huge success. However, I realize that many people have a limited advertising budget, and they want to be featured on more than just one popular fashion blog.

I have formed a partnership with AnaLutetia.com by forming the 'Joint Ads Network' which displays ads on both of our websites for a slight discount, rather than buying single site ads. Potential advertisers can get more information and purchase ad campaigns at Ana Lutetia's blog HQ or read about it at the info page here.

We're ready!!

Are you ready to be seen by thousands of Second Life residents daily?

Start today!

*note: There are no changes to the current iheartsl + juicybomb ads packages at this time, if you're still interested in those they're available for purchase.

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