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AOHARU Jean Jackets

AOHARU has just released the Short Jean Jacket and they are so cute! I'm totally feeling a bit 80's-inspired with this short jacket, paired with side ponytail 'Wendy' hairstyle from Truth.

Picnik collage by you.
Shown here is the AOHARU Jean Jacket in Pink, paired with the SN@TCh Innocent Top and SN@TCH Naive Rufflet Skirt in White. I'm wearing the lovely new release from ICoN, the Heart Necklace in Pink.

Here are the jackets in other fabulous colors:

Picnik collage by you.
[ Blue | Pink | Washed Blue | and White ]

Picnik collage by you.

I adore pink and white as a combination, although some people thought I
didn't like pink? LOL, Do you know me……? I like pink outfits, pink
furniture, pink homes, pink on pets, PINK ON GUYS too. the only time I
don't like pink is almost never, even when paired with crappy (in my
opinion only and has nothing to do with judging their character or not
or being 'tolerant' of others choices) outfit combinations, I can still
appreciate zee PINK!!! I guess some people think that people shouldn't be entitled to their opinion and try to wage blog 'jihad' (their term, not mine, cos I'm actually not that self-important), seriously!

I guess I'm going on a bit of a rant today, since I've started a series of plurks that serves no purpose except to document my thought process when I read blogs. Yes, or no. Sometimes I post an image, and just the simple word 'No' but people read more into it and assume that I meant "no! I am not tolerant of your outfit and I want to run your dog over with my car and omg, jiiiiiiiiihad!" That's actually not what I meant, it just means, it's a 'No' for me, and me alone.. and sometimes others who agree with me.

My point is, I hardly go out of my way to put others down. Everyone has an opinion, some do it behind closed doors and private IMs, I plurk mine. Get over yourself.

HAPPY PINK day. Say NO or Yes, say whatever you want, just don't let others tell you that you can't say something (as long as it's not libelous, obviously).

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  1. Veronica Kanya

    That is a totes adorable jacket….totally gagaish 🙂

  2. Lashy

    Darling Gogo,
    You may have everyone else fooled but I KNOW YOU. And your sexually deviant plan to unleash Barbie-jihad on the whole of SL. Yes, NO — I don’t think so!?!!!!exclamationpointone
    Sincerely yours,
    Lash Osamabinmama
    WEWT for guys in pink wifebeaterers. Forseriously.
    Peace out

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