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Armoire Jewelry Showcase

Virtual diamonds are a girl's bestfriend too! Last night I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek of the Armoire Jewelry Showcase that runs from March 18th (9am slt) – March 22nd (10pm slt) on the Platinum sim. Five fabulous jewelers – Candy Cerveau, Caliah Lyon, Violet Voltaire, Kesseret Steeplechase, and Saiyge Lotus are featured at this showcase, which I'm guessing is just a sneak peek of all the fabulous new stuff coming soon to their main store.

Here are a couple of new items from the showcase:

Balderdash – Whiskey on the Rocks (necklace & earrings set)

Isn't that fabulous? I looove the name! The gemstone really *sparkles*!

MUSE has new stuff! After what seems like forever without any new releases, Caliah Lyon is back!

1. Muse – Nougatine Mini Limited Edition Necklace [ hunt item (golden box) ]
2. Muse – Blanche Necklace in Gold
3. Muse – Melusine Necklace in Gold & Earrings in Gold
4. Muse – Nougatine Mini Limited Edition Bracelet [ hunt item (silver box) ]

KessKreations – Cassandra Locket

The Cassandra Locket from KessKreations is versatile and really lovely. It is scripted to change bow colors, metal, gemstone, and ribbon color. The locket also opens and close and you can put your pictre inside.

Violet Voltaire – Melancholy Silver-Pink (necklace & earrings set)

Sometimes it pays to be a blogger, you get invited to events before the public. Not only do you beat the lag but sometimes there are fabulous gifts, like the set above from Violet Voltaire. But it's not all fun and gifts, it's really hard work! 🙂

Some more random gifts from the Armore showcase and hunt items.

1. Balderdash – Silver Chest Gift – Starlight Starbright Barett [ hunt item (golden box) ]
2. KessKreations – Chocolate Pearl Michelle (necklace, earrings, ring set) [ hunt item (golden box ) ]
3. KessKreations – Armore Limited Edition Necklace [ hunt item (silver box) ]
4. Violet Voltaire – Lucky Stars Bracelets (Armoire Hunt)

Hope you've enjoyed that, instructions for the Journeyman's Quest hunt is located at the tp point.

Tp to the Armoire Jewelry Showcase

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  1. Sai Pennell

    So much pretty in one blog post! :O

  2. kesseret

    Glad you enjoyed the showcase. 🙂 Hey also glad you like the locket…

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