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Clothing Fair 2009; Silks

Clothing Fair 2009 ends today, so if you haven't gone yet, take a quick fly around because there are some limited edition items and besides, it's for a good cause! Well, some of it anyways! I made a rule for myself that I would only purchase items inside RFL vendors so the proceeds would go to charity, but that was so hard this year! Unlike last year, I have even more stuff so I didn't want more of the same items.

[ Haven Designs – Dara Silks | *tal* RFL Limited Edition Marishka ]

I did purchase the fantastic *tal* RFL Limited Edition Marishka silk outfit which I love. It's silks, but not revealing at all, there are actual pants!! I saw these on Sai Pennell's blog entry and she I thought hmm… that's cute so I purchased one, and it looks even better in person!!

And I did break my own rule about purchasing from RFL vendors only when I stumbled into Haven Designs and spotted the yummy white Dara Silks outfit on the wall. I really dig these outfits because they're revealing but unlike other silks where it's literally just 1 piece of long flexi covering the crotch, these look like they could be the traditional costumes of some sexy tribal women.

Clothing Fair 2009 by you.

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What I'm Wearing:

LeLutka – LondonRevolutionSunKissed-makeup5
Pacadi Jasha – Susan I (Coffee) hair
*tal* RFL Limited Edition Marishka
Haven Designs – Dara Silks (White)
TRUTH – C. Edo Flats (gold)

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  1. wholesale clothing

    Wow! what a cool and sexy outfit is that…hope to wear that someday! keep it up!

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