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Gala Phoenix Skins ‘Pin Up’

Gala Phoenix Skins 'Pin Up' by you.

Here are the Pin up skins from Gala Phoenix. The brows are darker and bolder than what I normally wear, but they're a striking contrast on pale skins. Here I am wearing the 'Moonbeam' skin tone, and trying to dress my avatar up like Dita Von Teese. If you're into the pin-up girl look, you will love these brows and the variety of makeups available.

Close? 😀

Gala Phoenix Skins 'Pin Up' by you.
[ Gala Phoenix – Petal [Light] Pin Up ]

Gala Phoenix Skins 'Pin Up' by you.

TP to the Curio sim for new Gala skins!

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  1. Abra Exonar

    Gogo I looove the lingerie you’re wearing, it’s so beautifully delicate. Would you mind sharing the maker with us? <33 Abs

  2. gogo

    Hi Abra! This lingerie is from ‘Cheeky Girl’

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