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Gala Phoenix Skins ‘Sunny’

Curio/Gala Phoenix 'Sunny' by you.
[ Gala Phoenix – Petal [Dark] Sunny ]

This is skin week!! Gala Phoenix has just released two new faces to her awesome Curio line, they are Sunny and Pin Up. Shown in this entry is the new Sunny face, which includes lightly drawn on dimples!! I haven't seen anything like this in SL, so I'm quite pleasantly surprised when it actually looks cute and natural.

Curio/Gala Phoenix 'Sunny' by you.

Curio/Gala Phoenix 'Sunny' by you.

There are 6 makeups, but two different lipsticks each so it's really more like 12 makeups, including Light and Dark skin tones in each pack, along with freckles. Phew, that's a lot of skins for the price of one!

Curio/Gala Phoenix 'Sunny' by you.
[ Gala Phoenix – Petal [Light] Sunny ]

Curio/Gala Phoenix 'Sunny' by you.

Beautiful body, there are no visible differences in these from the last release.

TP to the Curio sim for new Gala skins!

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  1. addison mortlock

    Ack. Freckles AND dimples. *shakes fist at you for feeding her addiction*

  2. Aria Fairlane

    Gala’s new line is fantastic! I just wish that she offered both of the eyebrow options with each makeup… the hard lines of the Vixen and new Pin-up series are far too stark for my taste…

  3. Zaii

    Hi Gogo! Lovely! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Btw, was wondering where you got the hair you’re wearing in this entry. Thanks in advance!

  4. Gogo

    This hair is the Erin style by TRUTH.

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