Looking for something green to wear? Katat0nik has two adorable Shamrock Dresses for free in the Magic of Oz hunt! Here are the instructions from the hunt:

Only in Oz does it rain gold!  How does the Cuardach  work?  Easy as one, two, three!

Step 1.  Look around.  There are gold coins spawning randomly all over the sim.  When you see one, click it.  It will disappear and you will get a coin in your inventory.

Step 2.  Wear your golden coin.  It will appear in your hand and tell you which shop to visit to get your gift.  Find that shop in Oz.

Step 3.  There will be a leprechaun's pot of gold somewhere in the shop.  You need to be within 2 meters of the pot, then click your coin. REMEMBER TO CLICK THE COIN AND NOT THE POT =D  You will receive your gift!

Start your hunt at Magic of Oz and get this and other fabulous prizes.

Group members of the *katat0nik* group in-world was treated to this little surprise St. Patty's Day gift dress this morning! The group is invite-only but you can join by making a minimum purchase of $250L to get a free invite.

In order to be invited to this group (for free) you have to purchase at least $250L worth of katat0nik goodies. If you have recently spent $250 or more at Katat0nik's shop(s) in a 24 hour period, you will receive an invite to join this group and receive gifts.

The adorable hair I'm wearing in this entry is from EXILE hair, the Whitney style has been given a St. Patrick's Day makeover, and can be yours for FREE! Don't forget to join the Exile gear group, and activate your group tag before receiving this March gift.

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