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Oh Baby! Zooby’s Ultimate Baby Chris 1.0

Zooby’s Babies has just released the Zooby Ultimate Baby Chris 1.0, their first Second Life baby and it is fantastic. Zooby’s Babies claims to have the ‘best SL babies’ and I definitely agree with this statement, because while I have never owned a baby before, I immediately wanted to get a hold of this one, and see for myself whether or not the Zooby baby is worth the $5,000L price tag.

Zooby is known for having quality realistic pets, so this venture in to baby making was definitely a surprise but not unexpected. There is definitely a market for babies, evident by the amount of baby products on the grid. While I don’t play Second Life family, I totally get the appeal. Having a baby would complete the ‘family’ for some couples, and this baby is as interactive as they get with just prims and textures.

Zooby Ultimate Baby Chris 1.0 by you.
[ This is the package the baby arrives in, a darling weave-basket ]

The Zooby Ultimate Baby Chris 1.0 package includes:

– 1 Zooby Ultimate Baby Chris 1.0 (copiable)
– Breastfeeding Bra
– Teddy Bear for Baby Chris
– Toy Piano for Baby Chris
– Zooby Partner Baby Chris (give to partner)

Zooby Ultimate Baby Chris 1.0 by you.

When you click on the baby, a drop-down menu allows you to choose clothing, accessories, gestures, AO, eyes color, name, sounds, etc.

I like the thoughtfulness of the gestures that Carrie Tatsu has built into this baby. The AO is gentle and includes versions for both Male and Female. You can Hold, hold with your baby bottle-feeding, and breastfeed (use with the breastfeeding bra). I also like the gentle ‘kiss’ that’s built into the Female AO, so your baby and your avatar can interact a little bit.

Zooby Ultimate Baby Chris 1.0 by you.

Zooby Ultimate Baby Chris 1.0 by you.

Zooby Ultimate Baby Chris 1.0 by you.

The baby has two fun gestures to choose from: Peekaboo and Blow Kiss! Both are soo adorable and irresistable.

Zooby Ultimate Baby Chris 1.0 by you.

This baby is brilliant, it recognizes toys! 🙂 When I rezzed the baby along with the teddy bear and the toy piano, it ‘plays’ with the toys in its crib. You can rez these items on anywhere, but the crib was a cute place. The crib has poses built into it to allow your baby to play, stand, sit, and sleep.

Zooby Ultimate Baby Chris 1.0 by you.
[ Zooby Ultimate Baby Chris 1.0 – Playing with toys ]

I like that the clothing options allows for the baby to be either a boy or a girl, and since these are copiable you can have a set of twins or triplets if you wanted that many babies at once.

Zooby Ultimate Baby Chris 1.0 by you.

When rezzed in-world, the baby can follow you or anybody you choose by crawling around, sitting, and playing.

Zooby Ultimate Baby Chris 1.0 by you.

This baby does a lot! Visit the Zooby’s Babies shop to see for yourself; the babies are rezzed there in all different clothing options and ao positions. For this blog entry, I am also using the Zooby Baby Girl Entire Room1, which has decor and furnishings that can interact with your Zooby baby and the quality and textures are fantastic.

Even people who don’t role play families and babies in Second Life can appreciate the skill and thoughtfulness that went into making the Zooby baby. I really think that we’re bound to see even more impressive things from the Zooby’s brand.

Teleport to Zooby’s Babies!

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  1. Clueless

    that’s kinda creepy

  2. Kenzie

    I LOVE THEM! Seriously, going to be now!

  3. Jumpman Lane

    my sl dawter anneh imed me all like gimme 5k i want to get a baby. i was like huh. then she linked me. I have their dogs and i love them. just let em roam and sic em on people at my sim. They make good stuff and looks like they went all out on the features. love ur site by the way

  4. Orchidea

    Awww, the baby is lovly.. you look so nice with it..
    i do have a lovly tiger from zooby.. i’m glad they made baby’s stuff, maybe someday i will buy one 🙂
    ty for sharing this info.. take care and love your blog!!..

  5. Orchid Glitterbuck

    Bah if I can’t have a purple cyborg baby then my SL womb will forever be sterile. For like .. 2 years I’ve been trying to track down someone who will make a good lookin’ purple cyborg baby but alas – my avatar child bearing was not meant to be.

  6. Jane galicia

    i have a zooby baby amari she is so wonderful and i named her ) Lily!! so adorable she helps me look after her little bro,crawls and follows me while i feed my other kids!

  7. vially

    i love to creat cartoon baby and please can u show me how to creat cartoon baby please……..

  8. Samanthaa(:

    How do you get it? Is it Sims 3?

  9. Bree Mindes

    I have a panther from Zooby and love having him protect the sim from anyone. My husband in sl and I had a baby not long ago. Now that I have descovered the Zooby babies I’m ready to have another. Several people I know have them and there amazing.

  10. Violet

    Did you go through the pregnancy, or did you just buy the baby? I would love to know what you used if you went through the pregnancy as well.

  11. luna

    i will use the baby after….because it is like a older baby for the “first month it will be the tatu baby!!!!- But definitly i will get the zooby…i have two zooby dogs!

  12. Ticisa

    your graphics are really good, do you use phoenix?

    • Gogo

      I use the official SL viewer

  13. Laura

    I am on the outs with Carrie atm. My account was hacked and my babies were taken.. I told her about this problem, we know who has them, and I cant get them back? So, yes, to my amazement after paying over 10K for my babies and all of my items that go with them… I am out of 2 babies.. REALLY? I would rather have LYUBOFF because they have a playground for the babies and raise their stats each day, they grow on THEIR own! They are cheaper to buy and cheaper to care for, zooby’s 400L for 20 bottles LOL anyway.. it is a money pit.. my lyuboff baby has a mind of his own and if I lose my babies, guess what??? THEY ARE REPLACED!! I cannot stand money hungry people who do not care for their customers!!!!

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