Everyone is showing love to pose makers this week, and I will say it's extremely hard to pick just five poses from any of my favorite pose makers!!! Hello, there are a lot of you out there, evident by dozens of pose stands that I have littering my platform and in my inventory. I simply LOVE poses. Without them, there would be no fashion blogging for me. I refuse to use the default stand and cringe now when I see designers not using nice stands in their ads (ahem, you know who you are! stop using the default male stand).

I have never made a single entry just for poses (except for my own) but I will try to show you some from my latest pose-shop-obsession: On The Cover! Mashimaro Oh of On The Cover pose shop has lots of poses inspired by real life magazine covers (hence the store name).

Since I can't show you ALL of the poses from On The Cover that I have slowly gathered with each shopping trip, I will show you just the Pose Cube and a few random but cute stands.

All of the poses below are from On The Cover inside the Pose Cube, which is scripted with a drop-down menu and you can select to change your pose from there, a totally cool feature. There are 8 poses inside the Pose Cube and they're all great! Even though I'm featuring it around my bed, this cube works for a chair, sofa, whatever 'flat' surface you can rez near.

[] On The Cover [] Poses by you.
[] On The Cover [] Poses by you.
[] On The Cover [] Poses by you.

Here are some single poses from On The Cover; there are loooots of them there you wont be able to resist.

[] On The Cover [] Poses by you.
[] On The Cover [] Poses by you.
[] On The Cover [] Poses by you.

Like these poses? Tp to [] On The Cover [] pose shop for more! Don't forget to join the subscribo group to get all the latest info on group gifts and sales.

Additional Credits:

The bedroom set is shown here is the 'Tea with Rabbit' from La Belle Vie by Zasa Rossini (I loooove her stuff so much it's so PINK!).

The bathroom set is the 'Camille' from Deco*Licious by Lexi Oppewall.

I highly recommend visiting these two shops if you're into luxurious and girlie furniture & decor.

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