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Mochi Milena of Pink Fuel has just released the adorable 'Piggy' set that you can wear on various attachments and have them cling onto your avatar in the cutest way! All piggies are scripted to resize with a menu.

They're soooo cute and of course I put a little diamond-encrusted crown on mine, cos shes a princess, like moi. 😀

Tp to Pink Fuel's newest main store location for these and other cute animals.

What I'm Wearing:

Gala – Petal [Dark] Breeze-Pure1 skin
artilleri – chrissy (light blonde) hair
anuenue – Cotton Tops (ribbon)
Pink Fuel – Piggy
MEEBEE – Little Grown (modded onto Piggy

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  1. Linka Demina

    heheh very cute work:)
    I cant belive that iam here first time;)

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