SLink has just released the fabulous Desire Sandals with sculpted feet and a totally updated HUD with new options! The Slink Omni HUD 1.0 allows for resizing and 12 'favorites' slots so you can save your favorite skin tones for quick and easy recall.

Like the previously released Glamour pumps, there are tons of nail colors to choose from, gem options, toe rings, and metals. Included in this newly updated HUD is the feature to change Nail Art designs.

The SLink Barefoot is.. just a barefoot! For those of us that want more realistic toes without having to wear shoes, this new release from SLink offers just that. The foot also includes the SLink Omni HUD to change skin tone, nail colors, nail art, gems, etc. I think these are great for the beach or lounging around in bed?

Tp to SLink, there are lots of other newly released items not included in this post!

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