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UBU Drunks (Urban Bomb Unit)

The new UBU Drunks by Urban Bomb Unit are incredible!! I'm a huge fan of UBU so I was so excited to see a new release and especially the new Customizer HUD which makes customizating SO much easier and more fun too! I'm truly amazed by the sheer number of options available, every part of this shoe that you see here is customizable with different colors and fabrics choices. Another perk is they are unisex! I've tried to make a variety of customs to show you that they really suit any mood – girly, army, gold (is that Burberry fabric I see?), and platinum!

In addition to the drop-down menu to change size, here is the new customization HUD. When you click a part of the shoe that you want to mod, it will turn red on the HUD. You can select several pieces at once to mod if they will have the same texture. This is genius…. I  LOVE IT.

The attention to detail is amazing and everytime I get my hands on a new pair of UBU, I keep thinking they'll be the last pair I'll ever need. But with great shoes, one pair is never enough. I have every pair of shoes from UBU and I still get excited when there's a new release.

Right now these are on sale for $595L, there are gifting options available.

Teleport to Urban Bomb Unit @ Kahmiya Cove

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  1. Unknown Avatar

    OMG those are like a copy of the REAL DEAL of a Nike DUNK HiGH.. Its awesome though, how it is made.. Damn they are hot! but where is the originality ? Just the logo is different..

  2. DeadCat Mumfuzz

    I saw those while looking for the high tops. The textures have to be seen up close, really really close. Whewt!

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