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Why I don’t buy your hair, most of the time.

When I sorted through my inventory the other day, I noticed that I have dozens of hairstyles from one brand and only a handful or none at all from others. WHY? Sometimes it's because brand A has cuter styles that appeals to me more but let's just pretend that brand A and B both have cute styles at similar prices and I adore them both. Brand A fits 90% of the time straight from the vendor, whereas with brand B, the demo doesn't fit right and I can already tell that I will be remaking the hair pretty much, which I hate.

[ Example Brand A | Example Brand B | Example Brand C ]

For example, with hair A, most of the time it's a perfect fit and I don't have to move a single prim, but when I do need to modify, it's very slightly. Modding hair A would take me 10 seconds at most (edit, stretch a few decimals, done).

Hair B on the other hand, takes a bit of work. Maybe I can stretch it, but I also have to move some prims around too, since I don't actually want to stretch too much and have the bangs be floating too far away from my face. It all depends on the style.

Hair C, I'm actually going to avoid buying completely. I can already tell that I'll be spending most of the evening remaking this hair since too many prims are sunken into my avatar's head.

I can mod hair prims, and even with hair C, I did a pretty good job and kept the integrity of the hairstyle as the hair maker intended, but it wasn't fun! I don't mind modding hair, but I mind when I've purchased a fatpack and I have to do anything more than just simple stretching. I like all my hairs to be modded the same way, and it bugs me when modding a hair involves more than a dozen steps, ugh.

So yeah, hair makers of Second Life, if you care… that's the reason why I don't have more of your hair or none at all. They don't fit me! Your head/profile is too long, too flat, too short, too round, too narrow, too small, etc. When I buy a new hairstyle, I just want to wear it and not feel like I'm assembling hair from a DIY kit. I'm pretty happy when hair fits right out of the box, see below:

Some of my friends will avoid hair brands because "the hair doesn't fit". For me, where there's a fashion will (like I totally love your hair), I will find a way to make it fit. But for some others, maybe they're not good at modding prims and they just want to look cute right away? Your hair brand is now less appealing, and may even be avoided.

I'm just saying! I might be a minority opinion, I might not. If you want to be as popular as hair A, maybe its because hair A fits the majority of the customers that passes through, whereas hair C sends the newbies running cos they've written your brand off after trying on demos.

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  1. Softpaw

    When it comes to hair the only thing I avoid is No mod hair, or resize with a script only hair. I will NOT buy it and if I accidentally buy it because I was dumb and didn’t check first? Never again even if they have some totally to die for styles. And I usually have to delete the hair as well.
    Why? I’m a furry and I absolutely HAVE to mod my hair to make ti fit on my Luskwood cat head. And just making it bigger does not work. I have to move curls about on the face.

  2. Beu

    some hair you find that fits you doesnt fit me and some you dont like fits me great – guess its all in the sliders – but hard for creators to suit us all

  3. willow

    I’m the same, I don’t mind modding a bit but if it’s major I don’t buy it, it’s just too much of a pain and I’m no the best at modding. 🙂

  4. TossThis

    You can make shoes and shapes but NOT MOD HAIR???

  5. Shinesse Madison

    The one thing that annoys me to no end is when they have say 3 sizes in the demo but then tell you “I only sell size 1”. It’s like why even bother making the other sizes if I have to sit there myself and mod it to the size that does fit me.
    I tend to be like you. Once I find a designer whose styles fit me out the box with little to no modding that’s where I go. If I its a style I absolutly adore and really must have then maybe I’ll fork over the lindens for the hair I have to mod but that’s few and far between.

  6. Gogo

    I can mod hair, lol. The ones shown in this post are pre-mod, I actually wear all 3 (and love them). But my point is, many people will groan and move on when a hair is inside their head! Not everyone has gained the skills necessary to mod hair, which seems so basic but you’d be surprised many cannot even align their prim lashes.

  7. Thema Felix

    So what solution are you suggesting?
    The way the entry sounds, this is a chide against creators who don’t conform to your personal head size (or Jane’s/Bob’s/Greg’s head size). What solution are you offering?
    I empathize that sometimes hair doesn’t fit out of the box and that’s frustrating (my head size is 45, so I adjust basically every hair I wear). But what should they do about it besides offer modifiable hair?

  8. Tiffer GG

    my personal wish is that there would be a resize script included with hair! or, like someone else metioned, always contain 3 sizes if the demo did.

  9. railey

    I agree with thema felix… and no creator can possibly please everyone. Unless you ask them to custom make a hair just for your shape.
    The best you can do for yourself is to make a new shape where the head is smaller or slightly flatter, most of the hair i wear fits my av instantly so i don’t worry about have to modify it

  10. Lizzie Lexington

    I think what Gogo is saying here is some creators have a head that so out of proportion from most of us running around the grid it makes it a pain in the ass to mod when we buy a style from them. I remember as a noob throwing away hair cause it was so far from my head shape that I was afraid to try and mod. So my opinion is this: If they can create hair, they can create a “shape” that is more middle of the road to work with.

  11. Lizzie Lexington

    @Softpay – Yay for furries commenting on fashion. Your opinions are needed more often.

  12. Kerryth Tarantal

    I started SL with a somewhat non-standard shape (slightly larger-than-average head), and I remember how grateful I was in those early months to find hair that would fit me right out of the box. Later I modified the shape, and now I rarely have a problem with the product of most of my favorite designers. The upside is that I learned how to mod hair very early on, and I have no fear. I also learned that guys’ hair can look really cute on a girl and it’s usually bigger. But yeah, I avoid the brands that don’t even fit the new shape without modification, and I don’t by no mod hair except by accident.

  13. kavar

    As a hair maker I get what gogo is saying. I don’t think she is suggesting anyone customize hair to fit her head but rather posing a question to creators that might increase there sales. I myself changed both my female building head and my everyday male shape to be more neutral in hopes to make it easier for people to modify. I use a 50 for female hair and around 60 or 65 for male. Its true that you can’t please everyone or suit everyone but I do think it helps to try and make your shape more neutral so that modifying is easier both going smaller and bigger without wreaking the original integrity of the hair you made. Also it just makes things easier on you as a creator because a lot of people will fall into this catagory of sizes. I wish it was easier and more practical to offer them in different sizes.

  14. Chance G.

    Your gorgeous head just is too unique! 😉 I have the same problem, mine is ginormous. I wonder what avereage head size is? And down with no mod hair!

  15. Cajsa Lilliehook

    I know that I will have to mod hair a bit to get it to fit right. One of my ears is a bit higher than the other for example…just for fun. What drives me batty, though, is when I check the demo and it’s a close fit (because they include a S and M size demo) and then I buy the hair and it’s only the small size. Then I want to burn down the store.

  16. Gidge

    I’m like a retarded person when it comes to modding prims, I cannot be trusted except to say that you can be ceratin I will destroy whatever I’ve started to mess with. So, resizing scripts rock my world, or multiple sizes within the folder.
    There is one designer that doesn’t quite fit my head quite right, but it’s slight, just hair over the ear wonky and I usually live with it.
    (and yes I know I should make a copy and keep one clean copy etc but please, have you MET me? I never do the logical thing).

  17. franny

    I completely agree… i got 5 or 6 from that C hair brand and i never use them cause I don’t have much time to play SL and I’m not in the mood of spending almost a hour fixing them. From the moment I saw how much work had to be done for it to fit, I knew that I wouldn’t buy any more hair from that brand…although they’re really cute :((

  18. Vicious Circle

    Hair Brand C I know this Brand I love there Styles I HATE HAVING TO MOD THEM! I don’t know why I torture myself so I go into this store see the hair think ooo Cute must have and i know know know it ill be spending 30minutes rebuilding it great hair but if you don’t know what your doing a huge waste of money.

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