Free Speerit Kimberly Skins

Free Speerit is back with the new Kimberly skins!! These skins have beautiful brows and lips, and includes 'shaved' and 'stripe' kitty options. There are 8 makeups per skin tone and brownish eyebrows only. In the future, I think having more eyebrow color options would be a good upgrade for these skins.

If you want to try Kimberly, tp to Free Speerit!

What I'm Wearing:

Armidi [Intimizzio] – Amore di Valentino Brazier (Sail)
MG Fashion – MartinaSweater (Cadet Blue)
Miam Miam – Layered Necklace with Pearls
Tiny Bird – Julia (Brownie) hair

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  1. You look amazing in the new Kimberly skins! I was looking forward to the reopening of Free Speerit, and it was well worth the wait for these beauties. More more!

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