Exile Dominique Hair

Exile will be releasing this Dominique hair tomorrow!! It's super cute and has a hairband that changes 7 different textures. I couldn't decide if I'm blonde or brunette today, so I'll show both colors! The 'Harlow' blonde from Exile is my favorite tone, it goes with everrryyything!

<– Laqroki 'Jasmin' lips, perfection!

I totally forgot how much I liked the Laqroki 'Jasmin' skin, I went and picked up another one with pink lipstick today. So cute, right? I want these lips on everything.

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  1. u give negative feedback in critiques ?
    I just looket the pics…like those lips..umm stared at them for like 10 minutes..but I actually hate looking at pics from SL..cause i always try to cam around like I am in world..and gogo it doesnt work..doesnt..we should meet in SL sometimes so i can check ur ears and seams etc.

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