BeBae Delilah Skins & Katat0nik newness!

The BeBae Delilah skins are out now!! I know I did a review last week of the Cinna skin tone, but here is the Creme skin tone, a lighter shade and a beautiful face. Torie also generously sent out a group gift of one makeup in all 4 skin tones, so if you haven't joined the *BeBae* group in-world, join and check the notices for the gift! 🙂

[ BeBae 'DELILAH' Skins (Creme) ]

Gorgeous group gift makeup…

[ BeBae 'DELILAH' Skins (Creme) GROUP GIFT ]

Tp to BeBae's Main Store

Katat0nik released the Ice Cream Party dress this weekend to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of her shop! This dress includes a gorgeous pair of bloomers, matching bra, top and matching skirt.

Group members were invited to a party to celebrate with exclusive gifts given, so if you haven't joined the Katat0nik group, you should! Everyone gets an invite if you spend $250L or more at the shop.

And this hair is the Exile 'Rosalie' hair, it includes a pair of heart sunglasses that changes to 8 different textures. The glasses can be worn on the face or on the hair. It's NOT released yet, blame Kavar.. not meeeee!! It should be out soon though!

EDIT: The hairs are out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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