I have too many bunny costumes but I always enjoy getting them from different creators because they all interpret it differently. Many designers go for 'sexy' with lots of cleavage, like the Playboy Bunny costume. This year, so many people are giving away bunny costumes that are really nice! We've been spoiled by holidays… <3 Easter.

Little Heaven is giving away two bunny costumes this year, one for the Bunny Hop Grid Wide hunt which is hot pink and another one that not many people know about, is stuffed inside the Lucky Chair. It's called the 'Special Bunny' costume and only available inside the LC, not sold in-store. This costume includes a fishnet bodysuit, bunny ears, heels, collar, arm band, leg band, and a tail. If lucky chairs are your thing, this costume is worth the wait.

A friend of mine tp'd me so I didn't have to wait around long, but if I didn't have this costume already, you know I would be at LH stalking the chair. Since this costume is all black, you can wear the pieces all year round or mix-and-match with other items.

Tp to Little Heaven

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