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Can you handle the TRUTH?

Cheesy blog title, buuuut… really, can you? We're totally spoiled by
Truth with weekly new hair releases! Rather than waiting for one big
mega release, I prefer the weekly new releases to keep my attention and
inventory from getting slammed all at once! 🙂

This new Truth Willow hair has a sweet punk rock look, and the hair bow and chunky highlights are texture-changeable via a menu. This hair goes perfectly with the newly released VooDoo Doll dress!!

A slightly more sophisticated style, the Truth Natasha is a short and sassy with texture-changeable hair sticks securing it in place. I'm loving the Anya coat, which I think is perfect for this style. This hair reminds me a bit something a secret agent might wear? Maybe it's because of the Russian themed names in this release! 😛

What I'm Wearing:

Laqroki – Jasmin 02 Fair skin
Truth – Anya Coat [ocean]
Truth – Natasha hair
Truth – Willow hair
Truth – Overnight Bag [snow leopard]
Truth – VooDoo Doll [green]
Shiny Things – Tuli Pumps
MG Fashion – Vintage Inspired Jeans [grey]
AOHARU – IceCream_Necklace

By the way, if you haven't been to Laqroki recently, there's a 50% sale on all skins!!!! O M G!!

Tp to Truth for new stuff!

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  1. Roenik Newell

    The Natasha/Anya coat combo reminds me of Cate Archer, Unity Spy in the game “No One Lives Forever”.

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