[ HH – Shimmer Dress | Satin Rose | Stars Gown | WifeMe Dress ]

House of Hucci is a new brand that is a collaborative effort between two designers, Raven Callisto and Eboni Khan. The newly formed House of Hucci brand already has an impressive collection of formal and casual gowns, individual casual pieces and tons of glamourous jewelry!!! I am completely impressed with the huge collection of sparkley and dazzling stuff – the brand officially launches this weekend but you can shop now, the sim is open to the public!

[ HH – ZirconSquare Dion | Ellisse Set | Lead Crystal Dion | Emerald Cut Onyx ]

The jewelry pieces are amazing – all necklaces includes earrings (sometimes matching bracelets and rings, too). The gorgeous House of Hucci jewelry pieces are unique and lovely, and the sparkling gems are even more beautiful in-world than on these pictures.

[ HH – TriStone Set Black | Strands Black/Pink/Diamond ]

[ HH – Daisy Pink/Iron | Divine Red | Button Set Leather/Pink | Cluster Pearls (October) ]

House of Hucci can be found on the Penrose sim, along with other fabulous shops!

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