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L+R+W Shoes

L+R+W is a collaborative effort between Love Soul and R2 – the new L+R+W brand sells sculpted shoes with sculpted feet and they are so natural and beautiful. I'm really excited about these Venus shoes, they're so gorgeous and super easy to color match. The price is average, at $700L a pair with no fatpack options. Each pair includes a HUD to change nail and skin color; and an update card if they do updates you can get new copies! Yay!

My only complaint about these shoes is that I can't save my skin presets, and I can't use the same HUD for each color, I have to redo the skin tone each time.

The foot looks so real and has one of the best skin tone/shadows I've ever seen! When you're buying sculpted feet, be sure to check out how the shadows are done, because it can leave an undesirable color effect on certain skin tones. Here's an image I'm using from Polina Kaestner's flickr (she also convinced me the L+R+W shoes are awesome!!) to show you a good comparison of sculpted feet across several different popular SL brands:

(Cringe worthy!! Some of these shadows are pretty bad.) In sculpted shoes I look for a nice sculpted foot with a realistic, natural shape and well-designed around the ankle to hide the 'break'.

Here are more pictures of the gorgeous L+R+W Venus shoes which are nearly perfect, they look so real!

What I'm Wearing:

LeLutka – LondonRevolutionLight-makeup4
Zero Style – Ayase (Swedish Blonde) hair
FD – Fluffy White Clouds Dress (gone)
Swallowtail – Branch Necklace
L+R+W – Venus Shoes

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  1. Eve Kazan

    Wooow these new shoes are very beautiful !
    I will loose all my money again ^^

  2. Lili Brink

    YUM-MY. Those and the Stiletto Moody prim feet are my favourite.

  3. Eboni Khan

    I really wish I read this before I went shopping last night

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