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MG Fashions

MG Fashions has recently released some really great casual pieces that can be mixed-and-matched together and the colors are really soft and pretty. I’ve been quite obsessed with Nautical themed decor lately, so was really happy to see some Nautical tops and jackets that will compliment my mood if I ever get that yacht I want! (I’m still waiting for a nice drivable one and not the attach-to-your-avatar kind.)

This outfit is perfect for shopping and I love the matching Nautical Earrings from NoLabel. The MG Martina Sweater has a great sculpted neckline and sculpted sleeves.

I love skinny jeans, the textures and sculpted cuffs are great on these Dark Blue ones which are sure to become a staple in my inventory. Even virtually, I go for the ones that look like they are comfortable and will not cover my sexy heels!

This is the gorgeous long Nautical Coat in Slate Blue. I’ve come across a lot of nautical themed items in SL, but they’re mostly bikinis and short skirts. This is the first coat I’ve seen and it is fabulous!

Tp to MG Fashions for all the latest!

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – LondonRevolutionLight-makeup3
ETD – Bonita II (Platinum) hair
Truth – Aurora Heels (mocha)
Muse – Ariane Ring
NoNabel – Nautical Earrings
LeLutka – Sack bag/white
MG Fashion – Cotton basic sleeveless tee – stripped 02
MG Fashion – MartinaSweater (cadet blue)
MG Fashion – Vintage Inspired Jeans (grey)


MG Fashion – RolledCuffShirt (white smoke)
MG Fashion – Vintage Inspired Jeans (Dark Blue)
MALT Fashions – Suede Tote – Espresso

MG Fashion – NauticalCoat – long (slate blue)
Truth – C.Edo Flats (gunmetal)

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