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Milk Motion, does a body good!

Milk Motion has just released some adorable loose t-shirts that everybody has been going a bit gaga over. Besides being talented and making skins, clothes, accessories, Marie Lauridsen is also the owner of the cute Cupcake sim! I am wearing the Milk Motion 'my loose tshirt' with a fawn print, pairing it with the Milk Motion 'my boyfriend jeans', and Milk Motion 'my romantic silk blouse' in dots pattern.

Tp to Milk Motion at Cupcake

The blingphone from Canimal is still one of my favorite purchases ever! It has no practical purpose, it just looks cute and little musical note particle emits from the blingphone (headphone).

What I'm Wearing:

Laqroki – Jasmin 07 Fair
ETD – Brittany (Platinum) hair
Canimal – Blingphones! (pink)
Milk Motion – My boyfriend jeans blue
Milk Motion – My romantic silk blouse dots
UBU – Drunks sneakers

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    Funny seeing old posts. Make some king of looking back? Pick posts from pasts years and show them off in a new post? 🙂

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