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I think it's so funny when other sites use incomplete data to try and compare their rankings against my website. was left off that chart, and the wrong url was given for JuicyBomb. I have never had content on, I just use the domain to forward to either wordpress or typepad. My url is, which for whatever reason, is not recognized with

However, I'm going to show you stats for sites that I was able to take screen shots of:


[ rankings ]

[ google analytics for ]

So when someone compares their entire FEED to my single site and get the url wrong in an attempt to sell more advertising, I have to question how they really stack up against their competitors. When you purchase a Joint Ad between and JuicyBomb, you're getting a good deal. You're getting a good deal with Juicy Ads on too. Buy ads where you want, but don't let misleading charts and graphics fool you. All stats are readily available and linked on their respective websites, if you want to click and check for yourself, which I highly encourage!

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  1. Gidge

    wrong info is always good times

  2. Carissa Crimson

    Your domain name was not purposefully entered incorrectly in an attempt to mislead anyone “in an attempt to sell more advertising.”
    A comparison was not made with iHeartSL because I honestly had no idea you sold advertising there and since I never really visit it, I didn’t realize it was a “competitor”, but thank you for pointing out that in comparison iHeartSL is on the decline.
    One more point that I made is that Google Analytics are not a good source of page views that can be expected from a single blog. ESPECIALLY if they are being run through feed readers.
    The “entire FEED” that you refer to, is read just as it is, as the site in it’s entirety, and not simply the RSS content.
    And ONE MORE thing…when you’re greedy enough to make almost half of your layout nothing but overcrowded advertisements, it becomes one solid blob of advert buttons and advert text and “more ads here”
    I wonder how many blog publishers provide their advertisers with impression and click through statistics…

  3. Gogo

    If you’re not aware of who the competition are, then you’re obviously not doing a very good job being inform.
    I provide a service, if people choose to buy it, I won’t turn anybody down. I don’t place a cap on how many ads I will sell monthly or at any given time. That doesn’t make very much business sense to say I will only place x amount of ads (and turn people away), now does it?
    If somebody wants to buy an ad on a site that does not have traffic, and be the only ad on that site.. that’s their choice. Most people want ads on sites that are well read.

  4. Gauge Laville

    Most statistics can be manipulated. With that said it’s feasible that an honest mistake was made with the feed. I understand how something like this can (and appears to have) turn personal, quickly. There’s plenty of room in the metaverse for both of your blogs to be successful.
    On the other hand…
    a little verba aikido and a catfight never hurt anyone.
    Good thing I have both of you in my blogroll.
    ˚That Guy˚

  5. MateriaLust

    Hey there, totally unrelated to this post, I saw your mention of trading links to other SL Blogs. I have just recently created my own after seeing yours actually 😀 anyway, email me when you get a chance
    <3 MateriaLust

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