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TULI Faith Skin!

Join the TULI update group to get this Faith skin prototype in 3 skin tones!! This is Tuli's best skin yet, I really like how much more realistic it looks compared to previous versions. The group is $250L to join (if you're not already a member), right now you get this skin and a pink denim mini skirt.

I still really hate groups that I paid to join since I feel 'stuck' there. A lot of designers say that the join fee is to discourage group hoppers, and reward the 'real customers' but I feel that it rewards people with no obligations in Second Life so they have more group slots open for fun stuff like fashion or special interests. Some groups are worth the initial join fee, but there are other groups that don't send out anything at all…….. HMMMMMMM?

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  1. Sammy Barrett

    Great looking skin but does anyone know where the hair is from the the model is wearing?

  2. Sherazade

    Beautiful skin, but the hair… OMG!!!is perfect!!!! Where to find?

  3. Libby

    love this skin!! so glad I have been a longtime member of Tuli’s group! where is the hair from? I love it!

  4. Connie Sec

    Like the skin, restrained yet looks detailed

  5. Kyng Johin

    Ok – time to do a blog about the hair — where can we get it, please?

  6. brunhilde merlin

    please where have you find this beautiful hairs

  7. Gogo

    This hair was a freebie from one of the DOCOMO hunts several months ago!! It’s no longer available, not even for sale 🙁 I feel terrible about that, because I don’t like to blog what people can’t purchase right now. It happens though! Sorry guys. Keep an eye out on DOCOMO events… and freebies around the grid, sometimes there are real gems!

  8. Delila

    I completely feel the same about groups you must pay to join and then never receive anything.
    On the flipside though, creators like that are right up there with creators who use charity fairs for profit and sell only one small item where only a fraction of it goes to charity.
    When its obvious you don’t care about your fanbase or the charity, I’m going to be a lot less likely to purchase anything in the future – there are enough content creators in SL that I don’t need your store on my list.

  9. ipanemagirlbing

    Im agree about the groups Gogo, and i love how looks the skin in your, i love Juicy Shapes<3<3<3<3<3<

  10. brunhilde merlin

    thank you for your answer

  11. petitelittlegirl pinklady

    ok ladies we need to contact the creator of the hair and beg to be able to purchase …. we can NOT go without this one

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