SugarCube & Tiny Bird

SugarCube is baaack! My friend Helix insisted that I go check out the new stuff, and I'm really glad that I went because the textures are GORGEOUS! And no, you can never have too many babydoll dresses, k? I'm wearing the Beadily dress which is perfect for a night out, and the ruckle summer dress, perfect for… Summer! Love the pink & blue combination.

These two outfits are FREE at SugarCube, I don't know for how long, so pick them up while they're still available!

Tp to SugarCube

Tiny Bird has just released two darling hairstyles, the Wendy & Dove II. Both of these hairs are scripted to change headband colors.

Tp to Tiny Bird

What I'm Wearing:

Truth – Wendy (Tahiti) hair
Paper Couture – Glass Flower Necklace
Juicy – Classic Pumps (Strawberry, Marshmallow, Peppercorn)
SugarCube – Beadilyi Dress (Ruby)
SugarCube – ruckle summer dress (pink)
SugarCube – pink dot jean shorts
SugarCube – milky ribbon tank
SugarCube – chopsticks holder dress
Tiny Bird – Wendy (Buttermilk) hair
Tiny Bird – Dove (Buttermilk) hair

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  1. Hoo!! .. =) you look awesome! .. OK.. Tiny Bird and Sugar Cube..definetly go together! ..
    <3 hugs princess

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