WigWamBam has just released the fruity jeans & capri, and two lovely jackets. Each pair of jeans includes short capri pants and long versions with cuffs for each. These items have a really cute retro feel to them, and totally perfect for Summer.

Tp to WigWamBam!

What I'm Wearing:

WigWamBam – Cherry Capri
WigWamBam – Pied de Poule Jacket
WigWamBam – Gessato Jacket
WigWamBam – Blue Ice Capri

Exile – Kelly (Harlow) hair
Gala Phoenix – Petal [Dark] April-Redbud 1
Shine – Juliet Necklace
Zooby's – The Z Bag Ultimate Pet Carrier
Digit Darkes Shoes – Messina Heel (Zebra Black)

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