Home & Garden Expo Find

Home & Garden Expo ends tomorrow! I didn't go through all four sims, but I did find a couple of really cute trees for my garden. The most fantastic tree I have seen in awhile is this 'Natural Fantasies Midnight Fairyoak with sits' by Piedras Chama. This tree was sold inside an RFL vendor for $750L and is mod/copy. There are a few sit poses built-in, totally perfect for hanging with friends.

Me and a few girl friends posing around the tree 🙂

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  1. I recently pulled up everything on my sim ready for a redesign, but my inventory is *SO* disorganised I couldn’t find this tree. I knew I’d bought it at a home and garden expo and knew it had been blogged at the time, so checked you first by searching for ‘Tree’. Even without the pics I recognised the name and found it here, so thank you, Gogo!

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