Tochigi Japan City // Exile Hair

I haven't visited Tochigi Japan City in awhile, and it's even brighter than I remembered it! I went here to pick up a free dress but decided to hang around for awhile and snap some pictures for today's blog entry.

[ Exile – Shannon hair | Exile – Ali hair ]

Exile has just released two adorable hairstyles, they are short with plenty of layers all around. I loooove the Harlow blonde so much, it's just the perfect platinum blonde without any contrasting dark streaks. JUST BLONDE. <3

While I was busy snapping away at my end of Tochigi Japan City, Kavar Cleanslate was on the other end being vain too…. but his pictures came out really really good!!

[ Stolen from Kavar's Flickr – Original pic found here ]

Amazing the things that can be done with Windlight, without any post-processing. We were both using our own WL settings, even though we're on the same sim the pics came out drastically different. I <3 WINDLIGHT.

Tp to EXILE for all the latest hair releases!

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  1. Awesome pictures as usual. guy has a nice tattoo as well. maybe i should track him down…

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