SugarCube has just released the Hasu (one shoulder dress) – it comes in pink & white and has a sculpted rose corsage and sculpted skirt. The sculpted skirt is created with many sculpted pieces, not just a sigle one, giving it a more beautiful shape resembling layers of rose petals.

Cake has just released this Afterglow hair, and it is absolutely beautiful!! I'm a huge fan of curls in SL, when done right. I've also noticed that Stumbelina has stopped checking 'full bright' as a default on her hair textures and they look much nicer now. This hair is so elegant, perfect for formals & weddings.

What I'm Wearing:

LeLutka – LondonRevolutionPale-makeup6
Cake – Aftergow (Pecan) hair
Elegance Hats – Rosie hairpiece
SugarCube – Hasu (one shoulder dress)
Jador – Diamonds Party platinum ring
L+R+W – Venus (Pink, White) pumps

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