Tuli Prototype Hope Skin

This week is bloggers' appreciation week (Thanks to Callie Cline for making it up.. btw)! As if it isn't obvious already, blogging IS one of my favorite things to do in SL. Even when I don't want to get chatty with people, I still log in so I can blog new pretty stuff. One of the benefits of this week is designers showering us with amazing gifts! I know, it's tough work  being a blogger ;P Actually, despite it being very fun, blogging requires diligence (trust me on this.. it's not all about getting "free stuff" or sneak peeks of items). However… we do love sneak peeks!

Tuli Asturias sent the fashion blogger's group a gift of the skin she's working on, and let me say I'm completely blown away by how gorgeous the face is. The Tuli 'Hope' skin reminds me of a cross between Gala skins & D-skin, both of them have gorgeous & flawless youthful faces. I can't wait for the full release of these and lighter brows.

Worn in this entry are all new releases from Haven Designs, Maitreya, and smexxy Aoharu Long Python Gladiators boots!!

What I'm Wearing:

Tuli – Hope prototype base skin
Maitreya – Amber (Coffee) hair
Haven Designs – Flourish (Green) top
Haven Designs – Tattered Pagan-Tavern Silks panty
Zaara – Nizan Head Jewel *white*
AOHARU – LongPythonGladiator (Silver White)

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