Sweetest Goodbye Yozo

Sweetest Goodbye has just released the ultra sexy Yozo outfit that includes a beautiful large sculpted. The hat has a fishnet veil in the front and a matching feather on the side. The whole outfit is so daring, I love how it's revealing but not 'slutty' since it doesn't show anything.

If white isn't your thing, the Yozo outfit also comes in Black, Red, and Navy! There are matching sculpted boots for each color. I looove these sculpted boots, they're great for pairing with other outfits, too.

Tp to Sweetest Goodbye

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  1. Beautiful! I love Sweetest Goodbye, and though I guess I would consider this a bit slutty because of how revealing it is, I still think it’s super sexy and classy at the same time. I also ADORE the hat which just screams femme-fatale to me.

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