Katat0nik Ladybugged Dresses

Katat0nik has released cheery new Ladybugged Dresses. There are cute ladybugs printed on everything, so if you love these little adorable harmless bugs, the dress is a total must have.  Shown above is Pink and Lt Green, but the Ladybugged Dresses also comes in black, white, lt orange, lt yellow, lt blue, and lavender.

SWA has just released the May Fae Jewelry set and it is stunning. Each set includes a necklace, charm bracelet, and matching earrings. I tiny golden fairy is sculpted, and completely amazing up-close.. I can't get enough of it.

What I'm Wearing:

Zero Style – Ayase (Swedish Blond)
Katat0nik – Ladybugged Dresses
SWA – May Fae Jewelry
BAX – Ankle Boots Black Patent

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