Amerie’s Naughty

Naughty has released some smexxy new bikinis and omg I can't get enough
of them!! I'm wearing the Naughty bikini in Green, and Halter-Neck
bikini in Pink. There are loads more prints & colors available, but
these two are my favorites.. for now!

wearing the realistic SLink Barefoot, they're perfect for the beach and
totally easy to match with my skintone. I really like that they're
resizable too, so my feet are proportional to my legs.

Here's a close-up picture, if you don't own a pair already, I totally recommend these.

What I'm Wearing:

Tuli – Hope prototype base skin
Argrace – Knitcap – smooth shiny – Platinum hair
Amerie's Naughty – Naughty Bikini (Green03)
Amerie's Naughty – Halter-neck bikini (Pink)
FNKY – Cigarett II
BAX Coen – Indian Summer Necklace & Earrings Set
SLink – Barefoot *Bamboo*

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  1. The SLink barefoot Bamboo look better than mine. Your prim feet has a little shine so they match the skin on the legs better. I have the “Beady” style, and I don’t think they have such a nice shine and shades. Is it a upgrade?

  2. Hi Marianne! I have no idea if there were different versions, I thought they were all released around the same time, with the same features (and different decorative anklets). I just tinted the feet to match my skin, and took a snapshot. The shine is on the feet itself, no additional photoshopping. But send Siddean a notecard, she would know better than I do. 🙂

  3. Thank you for feat. Bax Accessories. Nice post. beach babe! you blog is now in our feat Blog panel at the main store 🙂

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