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I'm surprised the Gossipgirl sims are still in SL, but they are! Today I took a stroll around the city for my blog photos, and broke into a few posh Upper Eastside apartments too. I have no idea what a 'Gossipgirl' wears, since I've never seen a full episode of the show, so I'm going to show you what Gogo might wear in the city 😀

Kira Ahn recently released the adorable Ceran dress, yes it IS a dress!! I love Kira so much for making dresses that would barely pass as a long t-shirt. I'm pairing it with sexy white Yozo boots from Sweetest Goodbye and Bax 'Nathalie' hair.

You didn't know that BAX made hair, did you? This is the Nathalie style and it includes a color-changing headband, and you can change the color of the sparkling diamonds too. I love how the bangs are done on this hairstyle.

I have no idea whose apartment this was, but it had gorgeous artwork and decor. Kira Ahn's 'Indian' dress is like a piece of abstart art, it's so colorful and have bright triangular shapes. This dress will be released tomorrow, so stay tuned!

What I'm Wearing:

Tuli – Hope prototype base skin
BAX Hair – Nathalie (Platinum)
Kira Ahn – Ceran Dress
Kira Ahn – Indiana Dress
Sweetest Goodbye – Yozo Boots (White)

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