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Dark Mouse & Kira Ahn Designs

[ Kira Ahn Designs' Mara dress ]

I love it when two different creators make items that are similar and can be paired together perfectly, as if they had collaborated! Kira Ahn Designs' latest line of dresses the 'Mara' just happens to match the Midsummer Amusement jewelry set from Dark Mouse. I love these, they're so beautiful and provide the much needed color punch!

[ Dark Mouse hair ]

Dark Mouse has just released some fabulous new hairstyles. These are some of Mouse Mimistrobell's first hair designs and they're already very cute. I can't wait to see more hairstyles from her brand.

Here's a close-up of the Dark Mouse 'Krystina' hair in Pale Blond paired with the Midsummer Amusement Set in Dreamy Blue from Dark Mouse. Loooooovely!

*NOTE* The Midsummer Amusement Set will available only at these two locations from May 5th to May 18th (after May 18th find it at Dark Mouse' main store):

Road to Oz Sim Store or the Snatch City Store

What I'm Wearing:

Dark Mouse – Krystina (Pale Blond)
Dark Mouse – Kashka (Pale Blond)
Dark Mouse – Izza (Pale Blond)
Gala Phoenix – Petal [Dark] April-Redbud 1
Dark Mouse – Midsummer Amusements Set (Dreamy Blue, Juicy Orange)
Kira Ahn Designs – Mara Dress (Green, Yellow)
SLink – Glamour Platforms (Gold, White)

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  1. alexia

    Gorgeous but…I think her Skins and clothing are so overpriced.

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