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Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day to all Americans. I woke up to the sweet smell of BBQ wafting through my window, so I've decided to blog today's entry in front my SL BBQ set. Cheesy or cute? 😛

Truth has just released two new hairstyles, the Minx and Minx 2 are similar but have different lengths. I looove Minx, the longer version of the two and so sexy/casual looking.

BBQ and Gingham print goes together like… ice cream and cake. I have decided to wear the fabulous artilleri Beatrix top with some Drawmachine hot pants or as I like to call them, booty shorts!!! <3

What I'm Wearing:

Truth – Minx, and Minx2 (Walnut)
Shine – Enchanted Jewelry set
artilleri – Beatrix top (Pink)
drawmachine – jeans hotpants
Detour – Layback Flip Flops (White)

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  1. Kalol Mommsen

    beautiful as always.. i use to go to the beach and barbecue alot with my friends wife on this day…
    unfortunately she died so haven’t done so since.

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