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SugarCube & Tuli Group Gift

SugarCube has just released the adorable new Goldfish Dresses. The colors are bright & cheerful, and I totally love the sheer and goldfish-y looking layers in the skirt.

[ Tuli – Hope in Pale / Fair / Sunkissed skin tone ]

Fashion bloggers got a preview last week of Tuli's new Hope skins but now they're available to everyone, just join the TULI Update Group in-world and check notices. There's a $250L join fee but, you get a single natural makeup in ALL available skin tones!!!! Shown above are Pale, Fair and Sunkissed skin tone, they're all lovely but I can't decide which works best with Blonde hair. I think Fair might be my favorite one for Blonde hair, but I also like Sunkissed since it's Summer! These come in Blonde, Brown, Black, and Red brows, but I hardly ever wear Blonde brows with Blonde hair, since it washes out the entire face, unless the skin tone is very light. I think these work best with Brown brows, everything matches so well ~ I could switch to a different shade of blonde? But I totally dread having to modify an entirely new hair color.

What I'm Wearing:

Tuli – Hope skins
Exile – Shannon (Harlow) hair
Paper Couture – Glass Flower Necklace
Kalnins Footwear – Coquette Shoes

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  1. Davo

    what a fantastic fun look

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