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Tekuteku & Kunglers New Stuff!!

[ 1. Cotton 2. Gloss 3. Naughty 4. Shake – All in Pink textures ]

I went to Tekuteku this morning and the new build is totally awesome!! They have added a ton of new hairstyles, I had a small hairgasm moment. There seems to be new textures too, which I'm super thrilled about since there's a wider range than before. Tekuteku hair is still 'no mod' but has a built-in resizer script. I'm not a huge fan of that, but thankfully it worked for me so I won't have to bitch about how much no mod hair sucks.

Kungler's has just released some new clothes and there's a wide range of items released this time. From dresses, to bikinis and some gorgeous tops. I'm thrilled they released a bunch of pink & white items. <3 I'll just let the pictures do teh talking, they're fabulousss….

[ Kunglers – Holly dress (Pink) ]

[ Kunglers – Susan (White top) | Kunglers – Maya (White top) ]

[ Kunglers – Bikini Pink ]

[ Kunglers – Bikini Pink | Kunglers – Short Floral (Pink) ]

Anyways, that's it for today.. I LUUUUURVE IT. What a great start to the weekend, happy shopping everyone!


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  1. Celebrity Trollop

    Gogo, I bought 2 hairs at Tekuteku because of this post and photography. Thanks.

  2. Bell

    Where are the white pants from in picture #2? Thanks:)

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