Blue Blood Chastity

Blue Blood has just released this incredible 'Chastity' outfit that looks amazing on! This outfit includes a splendid long Black jacket, teal under shirt, collar, and long pants with sculpted cuffs. I like how feminine it looks and the shirt is on a separate layer so if you want to wear just the jacket and pair with other items, you can.

The boots I'm wearing is the Helios High Boots from MStyle, and it is available for $1L on XStreetSL! An incredible deal, since I love the high heels on these.

Domestic V is giving away this free skin, join the Domestic -V update group and check notices to get it. I like the face, I think the lips are pretty and the skin tone is really nice. The body breasts shading seem a bit unnatural on this skin though, the highlight is too bright and the breast shading is gray (it looks dirty). However, it's a FREE skin, so if you like pretty faces, go for it! 🙂

What I'm Wearing:

Domestic V – Mairmalade – Fair – Abby Skin – 2009
Truth – Jess (Cocoa) hair
Blue Blood – Chastity (Teal)
MStyle – Helios High Boots

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  1. I hope someone mentioned to you that the Domestic V skin was given to group members specifically to elicit comments about the breasts.
    As far as I know, it was not a skin that was to be released in that form.

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