JM:MAI Dolly Nia Skins

JM:Mai has just released Dolly Nia skins and they're absolutely adorable. There are 9 makeups total, and each makeup includes a regular skin and a doll body version. These skins are perfect for playing a doll, so dust off those doll keys and drag out your favorite dress.

Shown above are some of the makeups available. Some skins have freckles and lots of blush or a cute band-aid on the face. As you can see the makeups are not wild, but really soft and there are lots of soft lipstick colors.

I really like the idea of a doll body especially for girls that like dressing up in lolita/doll outfits.

I am wearing one of Zaara's newest release, the Mrinali dress and a pair of Aoharu's newly released Ethnic Bijou Sandals. The style and gems on these sandals are so adorable, and goes perfectly with this dress.

What I'm Wearing:

JM:Mai – Dolly NIA skin
Exile – Megan (Strawberry) hair
Zaara – Mrinali (Blossom) dress
Honey Kitty – eating vanillla cake (necklace)
AOHARU – Ethnic Bijou Sandals (RoseQuartz)

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  1. Hi Gogo! Love your blog & this look you put together! I was wondering, if it’s not too much to ask, would you happen to have a tip on matching the skin & prim feet on these Aoharu sandals? Just got them & I’m having a hard time matching them.

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