Gala Phoenix June 2 Skins

Gala Phoenix has just released the June 2 skins, which has 12 more amazing makeups!! If you're a lover of the first set of June skins with its dark brows and luscious lips, you will love June 2. Every makeup includes 2 similar makeups and 2 similar skin tones (light and dark versions). I think the makeups for this set is very lovely and have colors similar to tropical flowers.

[ Gala Phoenix – June 2 [ Petal [Dark] All makeups shown above ]

Tp to Curio for all the latest Gala skins! I'm also wearing an adorable new release from Hucci, the Beaded Bikini in Pink, but it also comes in a bunch of other cheerful colors, too.

What I'm Wearing:

Gala Phoenix – Petal [Dark] June 2 skins
W&Y Hair – 68 Type B
Hucci – Beaded Bikini Pink
World Wide Industries – Coochie Cutters shorts
NoLabel – Sweet Swallow Earrings
artilleri – orchid hair flower (modded)
LOTTA – AnneMarie (Baby Pink) flip flops

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